How to Find a Video Production Company in Malaysia

Hiring a good video production company Malaysia could be a substantial long-term investment. Videos are great tools for brand awareness. Therefore, it is essential to hire the best video team production. If you’re in in need of a good video production team in Malaysia, here are some tips on how to find the best ones.

How to find a video production company in Malaysia

Don’t be fooled by their demos

Of course, production companies will flaunt their best portfolios to impress potential clients by showing off their stunning demo reel. It is true that first impress last, but not all the time. The demo doesn’t show what those the real finished products of their projects-it can be edited again to enhance the looks.

Although you seek for a stunning video, keep in mind the copy (of the video) is effective for your business and communicate the message you intend to send.

Ask the company for their latest video projects

By asking the most recent project ensures or tests that the production company in Malaysia, you want to check are updated with the latest trend and design. Usually, the latest projects can be found on their Vimeo because this site doesn’t hurt the quality of the videos. There are still production companies post portfolios on Youtube and Facebook pages because these are accessible. Another way to check more projects of a company is by visiting their social media channels, especially Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ask for several quotes

Of course, everyone wants to get the deserving price for the project. To ensure the project is priced right, ask for several estimates. Although it can be time-consuming because it goes through the bidding process with several vendors, it is well worth it in the end as pricing can vary wildly.

Don’t just focus on the price. Remember, quality over quantity. You should be fair by considering the price over the quality of their past and recent projects.

Look for the reviews

For sure, their clients will express their opinion regarding the projects. Although the company provides some testimonials of their previous clients, it is better to check other forums about their reviews on that production company. You may also check it on social media because it is the place where you can shout out your opinion.

By checking the reviews, you will avoid the possibility of being scammed.

These are simple ways to check the legitimacy of a production company in Malaysia. Although it looks easy, many people often forget it. If you need help, you may seek your friend’s opinion or business partners.