MEP Consultants


MEP Consultants: Helping Design Efficient and Performative Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems in Buildings

Every building or construction project will require installing electrical and plumbing systems, and often heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanical systems. These disciplines are different from the physical design of the building fabric itself, that being the domain of architects and structural engineers.


MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, which requires engineers to design, build, and integrate these systems within the building to create a comfortable and safe environment for the occupants. MEP consultants will help design and construct these systems in consultation with the architects and owners and are involved right from the pre-design stage to post-construction when the working systems are tested, validated and commissioned for handover and use.


The focus of these consultants has to be to minimize operating costs, reduce downtime, identify any energy deficiencies, and find ways to improve their performance. MEP consultants may also be involved in the renovation of an existing property or auditing the energy consumption of any current systems. They require to work in close coordination with construction managers so that the project always remains on schedule.


Most of these consultants are hired for large-scale institutional and commercial buildings with such MEP systems that demand a high use of resources and utilities and add to the running costs of operations. They must be well conversant with the latest in equipment and always look out for devices that consume the least energy.


The consultant also needs to be involved with the maintenance of the systems and suggest proper preventive maintenance schedules that will keep all the systems running efficiently in the way they were designed to. They are often part of large construction companies and lend their expertise to every project that the company undertakes.