The Advantages of Using Oak Timber for Building

Oak timber is a type of building material that has long been the “gold standard” for various types of construction. Although it takes about 150 years for an oak tree to grow big enough to be harvested for lumber, the final result is a wood that is very dense and durable due to its tight cellular structure. The slow growth of oak trees also means oak building materials cost more than those made from softwoods.

Oak timber is extremely durable and provides exceptional stability to structures built with the material. The very hard makeup of the wood is nearly impervious to insect and weather damage that weakens structures built with other types of wood. Oak beams are able to support the weight of massive structures which is why architects specify using them for expensive building projects. Discerning home owners understand building a home using oak timber is a wise investment in spite of the higher initial cost.

While oak building materials offer great stability and durability for construction projects, the material is also very aesthetically pleasing. The color and grain of oak provides a warm and attractive appearance to the interior surfaces of a home. Oak flooring is very easy to maintain requiring only regular sweeping and mopping to remain beautiful for a hundred years or more. If scratches or dents occur after years of normal wear, the damage can be easily fixed with just a simple sanding, varnishing and waxing.

Oak flooring is not only beautiful, but it is comfortable to walk on. The wood has tiny air chambers so is a natural insulator and can hold heat which offers a warm surface for walking on. While manufactured flooring is less costly, it does not have the durability of oak and will need to be replaced long before a professionally installed oak hardwood floor.