How To Win A DUI Charge With A Criminal Lawyer

If you have only learned to drive, you might want to simmer it down on when you’re out drinking with friends. You would not want to be charged with DUI. If you do get busted, however, criminal lawyers, Jacksonville FL, are among the most reliable to handle these kinds of cases.

What is DUI?

Driving Under Influence (DUI) is a crime for those who drive while fighting the effects of drugs or alcohol. Drugs may also include medications prescribed by physicians. Under this conviction, the accused may receive a criminal sentence such as spending time in jail, community service or paying for a fine. Other than that, your license may be confiscated or suspended with a severe offense.

How Your Criminal Attorney Can Help You

Even if there were proof of BAC (blood-alcohol concentration), your criminal lawyer would do what he can to reduce the pressed charges or even dismiss the case. Also, they are good negotiators and will try to convince for lesser sentences. If your driver’s license got suspended, your lawyer might help you gain a few privileges of driving to and from work by providing you with permission from the court or an IDD (Ignition Interlock Device).

For evidence of a DUI prosecution, a Twenty Minute Observation is required during the breath test. The person who takes this test should not have taken anything orally or has not “burped” alcohol. Failure to do so will lead to an inaccurate breath test and have the result as unreliable.

Police Officers Can Also Provide Evidence

Because a complete DUI stop can take several hours of investigation and paperwork, police officers always try to make a way to reduce that time, and the Twenty Minute Observation Period is their aimed target to speed up the process. They cut essential parts of it by:

  • Unnoticed burping of the person taking the breath test due to loud communication

  • Giving the person permission to go to the comfort room while on the 20-minute period

  • Counted the traveling time on the way to the station, even during heavy traffic

These are some of the ways complained in court hearings that the given breath tests are inadmissible. To retrieve this detailed information, your criminal lawyer will demand the prosecutor for all the evidence, along with captured tapes on camera.


As we all know, having too much alcohol will lead you to false judgment, nausea, and queasiness. That is why, for safety purposes, it is always not recommended to drive while intoxicated. It is a law for a reason.