How To Choose A High-Quality Industrial Mixer

When handling products that need mixing and blending, it is essential to use high-quality and sturdy equipment. Choosing industrial mixers that can last for a long time is an investment for all future potential manufacturing operations. This article shows you how you can select a high-quality industrial mixer.


Consider The Variety Of Materials You’ll Mix


Make sure you’re 100% sure that you’ll stick to only one type of recipe without needing to change every once in a while. Once you’re decided, buy a mixer that coupled to both simple upstream and downstream processes. On the other hand, if you plan on manufacturing recipes that continuously change depending on the consumer’s demands, then opt to use a batch processor instead.


Take note that in this day and age, people have more choices because of how technology significantly develops and improves equipment like industrial mixers. As a manufacturer, you want to cater to the demands of your market population. Always consider this.


Finalize The Type Of Powders You’ll Use


Defining the type of powder, you’ll use in mixing or blending is equally important because of the amount of power the mixer needs to process a batch. If the powder grains are small, then you can bet the process doesn’t need much horsepower. But if you are handling sticky, big grained powders, then you need a mixer that perfectly folds the layers equally without the fear of overheating or getting worn out. Be careful and take time with this step because if you mismanage, then there is a possibility of the mixture degrading and producing heat.


Determine The Batch Size Of Each Load To Be Mixed


Always remember that the larger the batch size, the longer it takes to process. Weigh in on whether you want a fast process but with small batch sizes, or a large batch size but with longer processing time. Remember that larger batch sizes also mean more materials, longer loading time, and sometimes more extended downtime.


It Should Be Easy To Clean


Since you’re manufacturing by batch and producing a large number of mixes, easy cleaning is essential especially if there is variety among batches. Since you’re continually changing combinations, the equipment should have easy to detach parts for thorough cleaning.


Decide what type of industrial mixers you want today!