Foreign Nationals Can Try And Qualify With ESTA For The VWP

ESTA is a great opportunity for travelers to the US who hail from other countries. There is a list of countries whose citizens can apply, and the list is rather long. While not all countries are on the list, many people find that they are eligible to apply for the visa waiver program. Skipping that whole visa process should put a smile on your face.

Of course, if you plan to stay in the states for more than 3 months, you’re going to have to get a visa anyway. If you’ve heard of US ESTA, you might have been unsure as to how to complete the application. It’s much easier than a regular visa, as you just submit an online application.

There is also no need for you to have to contact an immigration lawyer to help you out. You are going to be able to complete the application online without legal help. Be sure that you do fill out this application 72 hours ahead of your travel plans. That will keep you in the clear for being approved ahead of your trip date.

You will get an email once you are approved. And you can take as many trips to the US as you want within a two year period of time. If your passport happens to expire during that two year timeframe, however, you would also need to reapply with ESTA.

There used to be what’s called ‘real time approvals.’ If you’ve heard of that, you might wonder if that’s still the case. The authorities don’t handle it that way anymore, but you should still get a quick approval. Many foreign nationals visit the US each and every year, and you’re about to do the same. Start by filling out that ESTA application so that you can get the approval in your inbox.