Canadim Glossary to Help You With Confusing Immigration Terms

Immigration terms can be confusing, especially when you are starting with your ETA Kanada. You may come across an acronym or a keyword that you are not familiar with and may only add up to the stress of your application. Not to worry, here are some of the standard immigration terms that were broken down for you.

Invitation to Apply 

ITA or Invitation to Apply is a document given by the IRCC or the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada to the Express Entry pool candidates, which invites them to apply for a permanent residency in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class

An Express Entry program, the Canadian Experience Class, targets those people with work experience in Canada for a managerial or professional occupation.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

Once an application via Express Entry was submitted, the Comprehensive Ranking System, which is a point-based system, is used to rank the applicants and those who have the highest rank are selected to become permanent residents in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker

One of the three programs operated via Express Entry, the Federal Skilled Worker or FSW is the same like the CEC, but this one aims for those who have a managerial, professional, or technical occupation that has work experience in their country.

Provincial Nominee Program

Except for Quebec, Canadian provinces can nominate a foreign national through the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP, for a permanent residency responding to a job or economic needs.

Labour Market Impact Assessment 

A Canadian employer may require a document called the Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA before they can hire a foreign national. A positive LMIA means that there are no available Canadians to do the job, and therefore, needs a foreign worker for the employer.

Open Work Permit

There are various options for getting a Canadian work permit. Though some require a Canadian employer, Canada has an open work permit which can give you opportunities to work in the country.

Electronic Travel Authorization 

If you are a visa=exempt foreign national, then you are required to get an Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA for you to visit Canada in a short duration like less than six months. Process your ETA Kanada and enjoy the beautiful country.

Single-Entry Visa

A single-entry visa permits a foreign national to enter Canada only once. If you want to come back to the country, then you will have to re-apply for another one. It will be best though that you apply for a multiple-entry Visa if you have any plans to enter Canada multiple times.

National Occupational Classification

A system that assigns a four-digit code for each occupation, based on the skill type or level in the Canadian labor market, is known as the National Occupational Classification or NOC.